Monday, February 14, 2011

CAW Critical of Allocation of Bonuses for GM Workers

(Toronto) CAW President Ken Lewenza is calling on General Motors to treat all of its employees fairly, in response to the announced bonuses for salaried workers in Canada and hourly and salaried workers in the United States.
“We have never negotiated profit sharing with the company because we firmly believe that profits should be reinvested in securing jobs, pensions for retirees and further research and development here in Canada,” said Lewenza.  
“That doesn’t mean that our members should be disregarded when the company is doing well,” said Lewenza. “When GM was on the verge of bankruptcy, the company showed no hesitation in demanding our members give up past gains to ensure its survival. Now that GM’s balance sheet is starting to improve, we expect our members to benefit from this recovery.” 
In the case of GM workers represented by the UAW in the United States, Lewenza called the bonuses deferred wages, as they were part of a negotiated settlement between the union and the company.

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