Monday, April 4, 2011

Shift Change: Your Vote Matters May 2, 2011!‏

Great news: our federal election page is now up and running!  It will be the central gathering place for all of our election-related materials –everything you could want, and MORE.

As of today, you’ll find a message from CAW President Ken Lewenza, short fact sheets on universal health care, retirement security and good jobs for all and a very cool downloadable poster as well as the woman to woman campaign leaflet.

Additionally, you’ll also find:
-A transcript of a speech given by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his role as National Citizens Coalition VP.
-links to progressive media commentators and interesting analysis
-a primer on health care for the federal election

*Visit frequently for updates and a list of priority ridings!

Attached here is everything you’ll need to add the graphics or documents to your local union website, newsletter, email bulletin, etc.  


By the end of this week, local unions should receive a shipment of both the factsheet and poster and the woman to woman campaign leaflet -15% and 7% of total membership respectively. Please make sure these materials get out to members. If you want/need more, don’t fret -more copies of both items will be available through the national office upon request.  If you do not receive these materials by Monday, April 11 by the end of the day, please call me (Shannon Devine) on Tuesday morning at 1-800-268-5763 ext. 6544


As you can see, the theme is Shift Change and for the duration of the election campaign, we’re looking for video contributions – your ideas on why we need a new government.  The videos can talk about anything at all, (under this umbrella) and should be no longer than 2mins. Make a video, get your sons and daughters, neighbours and friends to send in what they think too!  We want to hear it!

We will upload them to our CAW YouTube channel, circulate them and also play them at CAW Council.
Please send along your contributions to:

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