Thursday, May 19, 2011

CAW CONTACT Volume 41, No. 20 May 19, 2011

In this weeks issue:
  • Victory for Locked Out Limo Drivers
  • New Agreement for Sault Ste. Marie Paramedics
  • Inquiry Recommends Broad Law Changes in Dealing with Multinational Corporations
  • Memorial in Honour of Late CAW Staff Member Frank McAnally
  • RPN's Form New Standing Committee
  • CAW Transportation Conference
  • Lewenza Urges Massive Support for Public Services and Workers
  • NDP Leader Jack Layton Pledges Support for Stonger Pensions
  • Rebuilding Union Density
  • President Ken Lewenza visits Daimler Orion Bus in Mississauga
  • CAW Welcomes New Members
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