Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 Easy Ways to Support Striking Workers

1.    Never Cross a Picket Line
Picketline Solidarity goes well beyond simply not crossing picket lines. Picketline solidarity is the heart and soul of trade unionism. It says we're all in this fight for workers together, and picketline solidarity contributes greatly to shortening labour disputes.

2.   Inform
Tell people in your own union what's going on, and what the issues are. Make the link between strong unions and the quality of life in your community.

3.   Participate
Attend strike support rallies and demonstrations.

4.   Organize
Organize demonstrations and rallies.

5.   Stay Informed
Beware of media coverage that is anti-labour. Write a letter to the editor, Phone a call-in radio show.

6.   Donate
Make donations to the strikers. Being on strike is costly.

7.   Join The Line
Join the picket lines. Picketers love support. Inform the picket captain that you are on the picket line and which organization you represent.

8.   Other Donations
Make donations in kind to the picket line. Coffee, donuts, food, fire wood, and whatever else is needed and requested.

9.   Contact Politicans
Call your MLA, MP or city councillor. Tell them that you support the strikers.

10. Honk Your Horn
Honk your horn when you drive by a picket line.

From the ebook 101 Easy Ways to be a Labour Activist

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