Friday, June 17, 2011

Contact Volume 41, No. 24‏

Volume 41, No. 24  June 17, 2011

CONTACT is the CAW's national newsletter, one of the longest running and widely circulated union newsletters in the country.
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In this weeks issue:
  • Tentative Agreement at Air Canada, Strike Over
  • CAW Proposes Consolidation of Nortel’s Global Debts and Assets
  • Buzz Hargrove to Receive Honourary Degree from McMasterUniversity
  • “Outrageous” Employer Proposals Stall Talks at Nursing Homes
  • CAW-Canada Applies for Union Representation Vote at Algoma Central Marine
  • FFAW Calls for Independent Review of Northern Shrimp Allocation
  • Victory at UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS

1 comment:

  1. Great ! Their fight is OUR fight against major rollbacks, reduced quality pensions, unsafe work conditions and reduced pay for illness and injuries….Things are getting worse for all of us as each contract expires.
    Put your support behind these workers to defend our bargaining rights. Down with back to work legislation as it results in reducing worker rights.
    Young workers now and in the future NEED job security,good wages and benefits, improved work schedules and safe work. The worker rights under the basic Canada Labour Code needs updating and improvements so all workers in Canada are treated better. Lets put an end to the rich getting richer and the working class getting poorer. Only do business with companies that
    treat their workers with respect, consideration and provide decent wages and benefits. Be sure to get out and vote when you are required. We are suppose to work to live not live to work. Life is too short for rollbacks !
    The time is here to pursue major improvements for ALL Canadian workers, unionized or working under the basices of the Canada Labour Code in all industries. The greenhouse industry and canning factory industries should be classified under manufacturing as they work year around and are not seasonal as in the past.