Thursday, November 3, 2011

Four Sisters

(CAW Local 114 was well represented in Victoria by sisters Sarah Dutsch, Barbie Zipp and Jeannie Blaney when NDP Leadership candidate and CAW sister Peggy Nash, came to our provincial capital.)  

CAW's own Sister Peggy Nash visited Victoria after her recent announcement that she is running to be the leader of the federal NDP.  The event was open to those interested in meeting Sister Peggy Nash and those of us who know her well and were there to show our CAW support.  I was sure proud to be CAW member as Sister Peggy Nash fielded a wide variety of challenging questions. Sister Peggy Nash took on each question and delivered a considerate response. It was refreshing to hear a politician take on a questions and speak directly to the issues and not to give the 'typical' politician response where they end up dancing around the issues.  Sister Peggy Nash is proud of her Social Democratic view and will not apologize or shy away from it.  As she said her Social Democratic values are what guides her on her way to make significant gains for all Canadians.   

Standing there I just knew that Sister Peggy Nash will succeed in her run for the leader of the federal NDP, but why stop there...with our help she can become  Canada's first elected female NDP Prime Minister!

For more information on Peggy's campaign, to get involved or donate, please visit:

- Barbie Zipp -

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