Thursday, December 22, 2011

CAW Attends Tea Talk Pension Forum in Victoria

National Rep Stu Shields and Local 114 Rep Jeannie Blaney

There were numerous labour leaders speaking on the behalf of all Canadian Citizens and urging us all to write to our Provincial MLAs and MPs asking them where they stand on expanding CPP.Gerry from BC Forum gave a heart felt speech and truly moved the entire room.Gerry was the President of the Steele Workers and helped bring CPP in the 1960's.He urged us all to realize how truly important to us all expansion of CPP is and that 25% of all retirees live below the poverty line and that the average retirement benefit for a retiree is around $550 per month.As we all know this is not enough for a person to survive on.

I just want to say if you can spread the word for all Canadian Citizens and of course all Union Members please write your Provincial,Municipal,and for sure your Federal MP's and let us all obtain CPP expansion so we are all able to retire in dignity and have to chose between food or medicine or shelter to survive our golden years.

Happy Holidays


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