Friday, December 9, 2011

CAW CONTACT Volume 41, No. 44 December 9, 2011

In this weeks issue:
  • Don't Pay Down Deficit During Recession, Lewenza Urges
  • NDP’s Peggy Nash Urges Delegates to Rebalance Politics
  • Federal Government Must Act in Wake of Attawapiskat Crisis
  • Tax Fairness a Centre-Piece of Fight Against Income Inequality
  • Olivia Chow Urges Progress on White Ribbon Campaign
  • Unions and Occupy Movement Must Foster Community Links
  • Council Delegates Commit to Push Pay Equity in Bargaining
  • We Make It Move
  • CAW Urges Municipal Councils to Steer Clear of CETA
  • Support for Women’s Shelters and Food Banks
  • CAW Throws Support Behind Injured Workers Campaign
  • CAW Commemorates Layton with Dedication at YWCA Centre
  • Bud Jimmerfield Award Goes to Longtime CAW Local 636 Activist
  • CAW Donates to Goderich Relief Efforts
  • Canada Should Lead on Climate Talks or “Get Out of the Way”
  • Canada Must Change Approach to Job Creation, CAW says
  • We Did It! 
  • White Ribbon Campaign Returns to Its Roots
  • Staff Appointment 

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