Sunday, March 18, 2012

CAW Supports BCTF Video

Hope you enjoy the video.  It is one of the longer videos I've made and I've come to realize that longer is not always better.  For instance, file size on this blog is limited to 100 megs.  As a result I had to compress the video a couple of times so it will not look as good if viewed full screen.  The original was 29 minutes long which I was able to edit to 19 minutes.  I could have done a lot more editing to shorten the length of this clip but then it has already been 12 days since the rally in Victoria and needed to get this up as is, as soon as possible.  Thanks to all the activists and members,  National and Local Reps and Area Director Susan Spratt for your participation. Many of you can be seen representing our union in support of the teachers.


Bill 22 passed.  For the latest updates go to

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