Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And B.C.’s Bad Boss Award goes to…

Bosses who force employees to sign articles or "contracts" circumventing their rights create a situation where employees are unaware that their rights are even being violated. How do you fight for what your legally entitled to if your employer makes you believe that you have signed away your rights? It sates in the labour code that you can not sign any contract that circumvents the code so employers which have this practice are doubly unethical.  Earn not only helps people that are in this position, but we are also there to simply answer questions when people aren't sure about situations in their work place.

Sister Bonnie Hammond represents  young workers admirably in this story.





Earn is the short form for the employee action rights network, a
network for non-union employees to ask questions about situations in
their work environments. This often leads to organizing drives and
also to leads for our our new "bad boss award". Today they presented the award to a franchisee for subway, who has told his employees that if
they wish to work extra hours they must sign a form which 'waives'
their right to overtime pay. This is the media coverage EARN received at
our event. Please share widely and follow us on twitter
@rightsatworkbc or Facebook employee action & rights network group!

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