Thursday, April 19, 2012

CAW Video Contest

Video Contest: Another World is Possible
Re-energize. Re-organize. Re-think.


Do you have a thing or two to say about what CAW membership means to you and the difference it makes? About a social issue that you’re involved in through the union? 
Now is your chance to express it on video! And possibly win a BlackBerry Playbook.

If you’ve never made a video before, why not start now?

The CAW will be holding a video contest where contestant’s contributions will be screened at the CAW’s Collective Bargaining, Political Action and Constitutional Convention (to be held August 20-24 in Toronto)

This will be the first time the union holds a combined Convention and also the first time any CAW event will be live streamed. Doubly exciting!
The theme of the Convention will be: 
Another World is Possible  
Re-energize. Re-organize. Re-think.

Videos should explore a way that the union is making a difference, and helping to build a better world. This can be from the perspective of a member in their workplace or related to an initiative taken on by the CAW. The issue must be clearly linked to the CAW.

Submissions should establish the context, so that they will make sense to others across the country. The contest is only open to CAW local union members.

The video submissions will be shortlisted by the CAW Communications Department, in consultation with the Local Union Media Association.
Shortlisted videos will debut at the Convention and will be available on the special convention website during the event. Creators of the short listed videos will also win a BlackBerry Playbook.

The criteria:
·        3 minutes or less
·        Creative and original
·        Expresses a clear point, idea or value
·        Effectively incorporates sound and visuals
·        Audible and sufficiently clear
·        Must be 720p (standard definition)
Please be sure to include a description of the video, why it was made, who it was made by and the location it was filmed. 
All submissions must be videos. Photo slide shows set to music are not eligible.

Windows Movie Maker and iMovie are two kinds of free software that come with Windows or Apple operating systems and they’re very user-friendly. Go ahead, give it a try and see what you can come up with.

To submit a video, please upload it to YouTube and send the link or send along the video file. The videos will not be screened from YouTube for the Convention, so the director must be able to provide a high resolution file. 

Due: July 6, 2012
Submit to:

Questions? Call CAW Communications Director Shannon Devine 1-800-268-5763 ext. 6544
Good luck and happy video making!

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