Saturday, June 16, 2012

Petition to Keep Canadian Coast Guard's Marine Communications and Traffic Services Open

Please print out (click on the picture) a copy of the petition below and forward completed copies by September 15th to:

Philip Toone, M.P. –  House of Commons 
 Ottawa – Ontario – K1A 0A6
No postage required

To the Government of Canada:

We, the undersigned, oppose the Government of Canada’s decision to close the Canadian Coast Guard’s Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS) Centres in St-John's, N.L. ; St-Anthony, N.L.; Saint John, N.B.; Rivière au Renard, Qc;  Montréal, Qc; Thunder Bay, Ont.; Vancouver, B.C.; Tofino, B.C.; Comox, B.C.;  Inuvik, N.W.T. We oppose the closure of the Coast Guard’s Marine Rescue Centres in Quebec City, Qc, St. John’s, N.L., Kitsilano, B.C.  We urge the Government of Canada to acknowledge that cuts to staff and the closure of Centres threatens the lives of fishers and other mariners and puts the marine environment at risk. We call for the reversal of this decision as:

 closing MCTS centres increases the risk of accidents involving passenger ships, ferries, tankers carrying crude oil and dangerous cargo. It also increases the risk of sea travel, since officers will be busier and calls for help may go unheard; 
 the closure of the Inuvik MCTS Centre weakens Canada’s sovereignty in the North, and contradicts the government’s own Senate recommendations to strengthen the Coast Guard’s presence in the Arctic;
 the closure of the Marine Rescue Centres threatens mariner safety, while other  Rescue Centres will be forced to 
rely on under-staffed  MCTS Centres to assist with rescues;
 the closure of the Coast Guard Centres in Quebec increases the risk to francophone fishers and mariners who may not be understood by staff in anglophone Centres in situations of distress;

Therefore, we ask that the government reverse its decision to reduce Coast Guard staff and close MCTS and Marine 
Rescue Centres.

We also request that you visit and show your support there as well.  Please keep in mind that only paper ones can be presented in Parliament.

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