Sunday, May 12, 2013

Please Vote - by Jeannie Blaney

Only 55% of us do it! 6% will not do it! 39 % who knows
what they will do? What the heck am I talking about? Voting in
a Provincial Election.
Wow this should be the most exciting time in our lives!
This elected person who becomes our provincial leader our
spokesperson our "voice" who can make our dreams become a
reality on the World's stage.And so many of us do not care!
Our Family members our neighbours have fought in wars for
this right and some us do not care!
Why do so many of don't do it? Vote
We blame our governments for everything! Holes in the road
,Not enough Beds in the hospital to care for our loved ones,
14.7% Youth unemployment in this province when Temporary
Foreign Workers are brought into do our jobs! Lack of Skilled
Trades Training when we have had 12 years of monetary cuts
and still only 55 % of us do it ,VOTE please!
Why? Why? Why?
Are we afraid our Vote does not matter?
Are we afraid Chief Executive Officer's control our destinies,our
futures our lives ????
The answer my colleagues we control our lives and our destinies!
Our Votes count as much as the CEO of Royal Bank Of Canada
and any big corporation in Canada.
Everyone's vote counts and if the candidate that YOU vote for
disappoints YOU try another one and another one till we get
one that listens!!!!
I hear phrases all the time that British Columbians do not vote
because they have voter apathy!
What is that?
Is it that Voters think things and life will not change?
We as British Columbians can make things change for
ourselves!! With the right leader!
Again if our leaders do not change things for the better we have
the "power" to get rid of them! How you ask ,we vote!
By voting our one vote counts!
Get involved know your candidate and vote who represents
you!! !
We have the power to fix the holes in the road! We have the
power to add more staffed beds in the hospitals,educate our
children and even ourselves and increase Skilled trades Training
in this province and stop out sourcing. "VOTE in the Provincial
election on May 14th  for the candidate that represents
you! Not voting is not the answer!
To quote one of my heros: Barack Obama "WE CAN CHANGE"
and I have great hope for our Future as British Columbians.
Vote on May 14th/2G13 and if you do not know where to vote
call Elections Canada to find out where!
If you need a ride ask a friend or take transit or find out where
your advance polling station to vote early or if you have a
vehicle take a friend to vote. ~ {)i... ~
I am so pleased to be able to speak to you tonight and thank

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  1. Well said, Jeannie! People have to understand how important it is to vote!