Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BILL C-553 is the Bill to amend the Criminal Code (protecting public transportation workers)

I would like to inform all of you that I had a meeting with the Hon. Ralph Goodale MP last Friday with leadership from the CAW Local 111 and ATU, the topic and reason for the meeting was over the issue of creating a Private Members Bill to better protect bus drivers and other transportation employees who sometimes put themselves in vulnerable positions just because of the necessary work they do.
Based on the representations received by the CAW and ATU he has drafted a Private Members Bill to embed in the Criminal Code the basic principle that when any offence is committed against a transit worker the nature of that workers employment should be taken into account by the Court as an “aggravating factor” in sentencing.
BILL C-553 is the Bill to amend the Criminal Code (protecting public transportation workers)
In the attachments provided it includes the articles in the criminal code taking special note to 718.2 (a) (i) which shows some added principles for the court to take into consideration when imposing sentencing.
The hope here is to have this amended to the Act before Christmas and as a Private Members Bill the decision to support can be made in only a few meetings at the House of Commons.  
I will keep you all informed as we continue to support tougher laws for those who commit crimes to transit workers across the country.

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