Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trans-Pacific Partnership

You will find a number of actions you can take on the TPP below.  Click on a picture, perform the action, then come back here to do the next one on the list.

Unifor has partnered with Open Media. Please take a minute to send a message to your MP and be sure to add additional comments. Lots of information here to help you. Open Media is accumulating the letters. We need the government to feel public pressure from as many Canadians as possible. Click above.

Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Add Your Voice


Urgent: call on our new government to reject the TPP’s “robber baron” powers


Now the final battle begins. Join us at this historic moment and be part of our plan to stop the TPP once and for all.



Petition: Reject the TPP  -- Tell Justin Trudeau to protect the health of Canadians young and old, and reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP opens the door for American dairy products laced with Bovine Growth Hormone to appear on grocery store shelves…

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